Saturday, October 2, 2010


Dear Pink Saturday bloggers,

Today we honor breast cancer survivors and the angels in Heaven who have lost their brave battle against this deadly disease. I would like to thank Bev at How Sweet The Sound for featuring me as one of the featured bloggers today. I began blogging in Febbrurary during the OWOH event., OWOH is how I was introduced to Bev, through a fellow blogger I visited that posts PS! How blessed my life has been since meeting Bev and all the lovely PINK SATURDAY bloggers !

In 2000 I was diagnosed with  breast cancer at the age of 45. For over 15 years I had told my doctors that I had pain in my right breast and a significant size lump. a doctor listened to me as I explained my symptoms, he did an ultrasound and a mammogram, then a needle It kept getting bigger and bigger with increased pain. Pain, pain, pain. "Oh pain, pain is good he said, you are too young to have breast cancer." Each year went by and I begged my doctors to give me a mammagram. Finally when I hit 40 they did and said it was just a density and to quit fretting. Being only in my twenties when I first complained they just didn't take me seriously.

Finally when I moved to Maryland I found a doctor who would take me seriously. He did an ultrasound, a baseline mammagram, then the needle biopsy and ultimately a lumpectomy. I was put on oral chemotherapy and the fun began. Not. Nausea and pain were my best friends now, and a huge scar to show for it. Yet this paled to having my radical hysterectomy when only 32.

Sleepless nights turned into exhaustingly long days. My world was a living nightmare. A broken marraige, domestic violenece, broken bones, financial woes, and my children's father dying at the age of 48 from non-Hodgkin's Lymphona. There was only one decision to make. I stopped treatment and turned it over to God.
My children needed and deserved one functional parent. Jthenni and Joey needed me, so it was up to me to have faith and prevail over my ttribulations.

I have had many trials and turblent events in my life, none as traumatic as the thought of losing my children's daddy and possibly following all to soon in his footsteps. The breast cancer pin became a part of wardrobe. I grew to love the color pink!  Not only I, but my sister-in-law became infected with this deadly disease that robs us of our youth and golden years. In the last 2 years she fought against it and conquered it! During this time her daughter marrried and Mary attended the wedding in full regalia. She was beautiful and we are all so proud of her brave battle that she won. Just this summer, my sweetheart's mother was diagnosed with seriouys breast cancer. Two weeks ago she had 3 lymph nodes removed, several rounds of chemotherapy and now will have an agressive run of radiation. When asked how is  everything going? Mom would reply "I'm fine," and  would move on to next. The tenacity with which she attacks every day is admirable. At the age of 77 her determination and inner drive are amazing.

 I have grown to love the color pink due to Mary Kay and  the pink breast cancer ribbons.The Mary Kay Breast Cancer Researach is one of  the leading foundations to which I donate 10% of  my proceeds to help further assist cancer research. My goal is to write enough short stories or vignettes to ahieve recognition from my followers and future sales directors of the woman I recruit and will recruit. We are only as strong as out weakest link. Be strong, be brave, be supportive, be caring and loving in all that you do.

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PINK Hugs!


Have a wonderful Day!

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