Sunday, August 8, 2010

America!Week's Promoting Campaign

Good Morning America!

How many of you remember Robin William's as the radio broadcaster for Good Morning VietNam? That was such an inspiring show that certainly entertained many people, but one wonders if what it depicted was remotely accurate? This blog will accurately promote and support the efforts of our men and women serving overseas.

Our campaign Cans for Cookies for US Troops is filled with love. These "we care kits" will have homemade cookies and/or peanut brittle in them. So far I have 10 people willing to serve with me stateside in baking, sewing, writing letters, errand running, and advertising for this wonderful event inspired by my son's recent deployment to Afghanistan. My son is Marine Lance Corporal Joseph... in the North Marja region of Afghansitan. Our goal is to send 50 kits by the end of this month to our loved ones serving overseas (or stateside) and away from home. You may bake cookies and request an APO for a single soldier or for a care box to a unit. The kits the head ofice will send whether indiviudal or to a unit will have one container of homemade cookies or peanut brittle and a custom embroidered bandana with a Psalm, verse or other predetermined embroidered message on it of your choice. Pens, pencils, books, journals, and stationery are also needed.

Please consider being a district representative, in charge of collecting and shipping empty containers to our headquarters. Or perhaps coordinating penpals. Bakers are desparately needed. Many schools are considering this as their community service learning projects for students state required credits for graduation. It is also a great
idea for church youth groups and scout troops for badges.
Donations are always accepted and you may sponsor an individual kit for $15 to cover individual s/h, and the cost of the bandana and embroidery. Our troops traditinally wear these bandanas under their helmets or keep them folded and tucked in their helmets or other safe place on their personage.

Please submit photos of your loved one's in  uniform for group postings. If you have their unit's URL for tracking please feel free to submit that to me as well. Our goal is to keep everyone as updated as possible on the whereabouts and safety of our troops.

Thanks for stopping by today and have a wonderful day!


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