Saturday, August 7, 2010


Dear Pink Saturday Ladies and Bloggers!

I am dedicating today's psot to making PINK cookies for US TROOPS. As many of you know my son and my sisters' sons are all 3 serving overseas in  this awful time of war. To be at Peace would be far better for us all. However the fact remains that many women and men hasve to leave their loved ones behind and go prserve freedom for our homeland and to develop these rights in third world nations.

We have started a major charity event to send cookies, peanut brittle, and other supplioes to our son's, their units and if you like to your loved one's also. Please viisit the blog Cans for Cookies Us Troops.
We will gladly accept donations of bakers, money sponsors to cover the cookies, peanut brittle, books, magazines and other supplies we will be sending over. The local PennySaver is interviewing me about this event and a free ad will be running locally in the next publication. PLEASE fee free to pass this on in your own neighborhoods and have all interested people contact me at this email :  Also save your FOLGERS and PRINGLES cans and ship them to us, we are using these as the storage containers. They will be transformed into keepsake holders...FOLGERS has offered to help promote this event and is considering sending samples as well.
If you would like to be a penpal to a soldier email me here and let me know your email so I can send you your soldier's name and  APO, and email. I have had a tremendous response to this event locally and wonder how much larger it would be if you too reached out in your community. Would you please help pass the time for the men and women defending the rights of liberty? Remember we are able to fly our country's flag without difficult and proudly, not so for other countries in this world.

Are you proud to be an American?
I am proud to be the mother of a son and  an aunt of nephews who are defending lady liberty!

So in the PINK today, I sit and wait to receive your emails or phone calls

See me sitting waiting for the phone to ring        Is your phone PINK?                       All pink...taking  calls!
with your help and donations!

Use this image, save as jpeg and create your link back to the pink post or to the cans for cookies us trooops blogspot.  Bless you for joining in this campaign and let's reach that goal by the end of the month.. 50 shipments overseas to units or individuals! Keep tuned to MYPINK Saturdays for updates and become a follower today!
SO WHAT WILL YOU DO TO HELP PROMOTE PINK COOKIES? MY GOAL IS 50 CANS OF PINK SUGAR COOKIES BY THE END OF AUGUST, THAT'S ONLY 50 PINK LADIES BAKING A DOZEN OR SO COOKIES EACH, WILL YOU HELP US OUT?  call 606-547-2073 leave message with name and # I'll get back to you or email here. THANKS TO ANY OF YOU WHO WILL GRAB THE BUTTON AND POST IT ON YOUR BLOGS WITH A LINK BACK TO HERE: OR THE CANS FOR COOKIES US TROOPS BLOGSPOT. We would love to brighten the days of these courageous men and women serving others so they to may live free!

I'm off to give the


TO our lovely Pink Saturdays  FRIENDS AND FOLLOWERS and so many PINK BLOGGERS!

Bev is our leading PINK LADY, I owe so much to finding her one Saturday and now all my Saturdays are PINK!!!  and filled with many new PINK friends around the world!

God bless us all and Pray for our Troops! May ANGELS guard them night and day!

Lance Corporal Joseph...on the right, and his boot camp buddy, 2 of America's Marines

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