Saturday, November 13, 2010

A Pink Victoria Secret Post

Dear blogger friends,

There have been many many attacks through blogger, Facebook, and Yahoo with the prescription scams. I have lost some followers due to this. If you receive email from my  email address with no subject please do not open them. I have removed people from my contacts and this as well as changing the passwords has resolved it. I really am sad to have lost followers because of this. Is nothing sacred any more?

Veterans Day was a very memorable day for me this year. I am working on a separate post from my students and a video one of them did. (Not a good idea to probably post it with all this VS pink wish list items! ROFL!)

I found an inexpensive version of a small 4 foot pink prelighted Christmas Tree at the Dollar General in the Cooperstown  areea and am buying it today! IS it too early to put the tree up? I can hardly wait to decorate this year in PINK of course!!!!

I will be running PINK HOLIDAY SPECIALS now through January 1st, 2011! Buy one PINK item and get the second of equal or lesser value free! SHOP HERE for PINK Glamour!

Now settle down with a warm cup of coffee and tea and see what is PINK for me!

 Thank you to our PINK SATURDAYS founder BEV at How Sweet The Sound be sure to visit her!

Be sure to blog over there today and see all the fabulous PINK Bloggers and what they have in store for you!

Also, have you signed up today or yet to send cookies overseas to the brave men and women serving out country?

This week my colllege students help to raise many $ to cover shipping costs, donated about 20 dozen cookies and we will be doing a can and cookie drive on campus for the holidays the week of 12/06/10.

Please email me here to find out you can join this charity event.

Another student has her children's elementry school making Turkey hands and Christmas cutouts for the soldiers!

Here comes Santa in a PINK Santa Hat, I just have to buy that for my Jenni she lives for PINK

She will look adorable in this hat along with her pink scubs at the vet clinic where she is earning a vet tech. degree and then on to veternarian college!
 Here comes Santa in a PINK Santa Hat, I just have to buy that for my Jenni she lives for PINK!

 This little pink teddy and  pink polka dot coffee mug are beary perfect "fur" my JAVA!
I cannot live without JAVA in my veins, I wonder if they make PINK JAVA?
Thinking of a PINK holiday wish list?
Today I feature my PINK CHRISTMAS WISH list from Victoria's Secret. I wish I looked as good in the pinks as the models!
        Please note all these models are pictured in the online catalogue and are not my pictures.
                     So many cute things to choose from, be sure to go browse yourselves!

Adorable, not glammy but comfy jammies!

                                  Something HOT PINK & LACE for a bit of ROMANC

                                              PINK fun Bra & Boxers, soft & cottony!

                                     Just too comfy in pink to lounge on a lazy Saturday!

                                          "Fur" the itsy bitsy pink polka dots in you all!

                            More PINKS with polkadots, a bit daring, but why not?

                              Oh my, look at all the pink dots to LOVE and choose from!

 Now can I wear this to the Sports Center with a pair of fleece sweats, maybe 20 pounds off from now!

                       I love this PINK heart and hope my sweetie gets me it! HINT

                                        An adorable little grouping don't you think PINK?

 Now this I could wear over that little Pink Sports bra, Hmmmmm, I'm thinking PINK PINK PINK!

Are you  a football fan? I am A NEW YORK GIANTS PINK FAN!

                                                             The GIANTS in PINK!

                                        Great to lounge or sleeep in on those cold cold nights! Sorry    guys ,   but................... we cannot always be in pink lace!


                   Too cold now, so maybe we'll take a cruise and this Pink tankini is too cute!

                HOT FUSCHIA PINK even cuter, we do need at least two bathing suits don't we?

          And for the ports of call and you know it will be hot, just throw this over the tankini and go!

                 Step it up a notch with this sexy little drape, where can I getthe long hair?

            Simply elegant, sweet, sophisticated and I think it would be just fab on me!!

                                       Going to Rumba and Salsa and Dance the night away!

                                         These would be cute to give my little niece.

                                                   More great numbers to sweat in!

                       Now this would turn heads at the spa! Where do I get that shape?

                                                          That's it, got the number?
                                                              Here's the link to VS

                 Don't forget to visit my PINK BUBBLE

Thanks for stopping by, I am going to fill up my coffee and come visit you now! Beary hugs to ALL!

That's me putting on the GLITZ!

I love your comments, so be an angel and leave me one! All comments will be entered in my $100 holiday gift basket drawing from now through December 18th! Be sure to leave your email so I can notify you if you are the winner! Become a new follower and have a second entry, all current followersw will also be entered! Happy PINK SATURDAYS and be sure to visit BEV for more PINKS LINKS!


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