Friday, November 5, 2010


WORLD PEACE BLOG POSTS on THURSDAY was founded by a new blogger friend of mine, MIMI! Stop by and thank her for creating this awesome event which I participated in!

                   MIMI, this is for you, as you filled our day with   sunshine the world over!

                    Please stop by Mimi at her blog  Mimi Writes... and be sure to tell her I sent you there!

Facebook went entirely BLUE yesterday with thousands of posts supporting the world globe for peace!

 These are just a few of the buttons posted to honor
the day of world peace blog blasts!

Today I honor MIMI along with all the VETERANS, and INCUMBENT men and women serving so we might live free!

 Our American flag, a symbol world-wide that stands for freedom, may it never touch the ground!
Cookies that have been homebaked and shipped overseas to troops. Adopt a troop here!

Together we unite to seerve PEACE!

 From the Civil WAR! We honor those who went as unsung heroes ffighting for their own freedom here!
WILL YOU help fill this can with cookies straight from your heart to one of those with an even bigger heart, sacrificing his or her life so YOU ans others live FREE!?



The happy MARINE JOEY, LANCE CPL and our RENEE, his fiance will be married Mother's Day weekend 2011!

My MARINE the night he deployed July 10th, 2010 to Afghanistan!

Joey and a buddy during boot camp training...

                        Jenni, Joey's SISTER whose motto is Joey, you ARE my HEROE!
Getting all the love he can from his sis' before leaving for Afghanistan!

Joey and his  sis in  black and his twin stepbrothers Kyle & Jason and stepsister Lauren... siblings celebrating the week before he was deployed in July 2010.

The proud MARINE at his send off BBQ July 5th, 2010.

Now, get the scoop on how you  can help!

I also attended the VET EXPO Friday in Utica NY. We honored Veterans, their Friends, and Families. I sponsored my charity benefit I started in JULY in honor of my son LANCE CPL MARINE currently serving in AFGHANISTAN and my 2 nephews, one a SGT CALVARY SCOUT earning a purple heart from 1 of his 2 tours in IRAQ when he was seriously wounded when an exposlive device went off. Sgt. Kenneth Seeholzer, is a true AMERICAN HERO! My son Lance CPLJoseph Hranek is also my hero! My sister Vanessa (Ken's mom) helped me at the EXPO as I have disabilities, and my other sister Debbie's son just returned home from a tour overseas in the ARMY. We raised a substantial amount of $$$$$ for the charity benefit I started in their honors CANS FOR COOKIES US TROOPS. Also many of my college students donated their time, cookies, can goods, and $$$ to help cover shipping costs of homemade cookies. Please visit the blog and see what you can do to help make the holidays bright for those serving overseas and stateside! 

I am standing by, waiting to HEAR your CALLS!!!

your name HERE to donate or the name of your loved one to receive a holiday care package of homemade peanut brittle or



May your angel of a heart bless our troops this holiday season as God's

Surround them with blankets of LOVE and protection! 

I,  humbly thank all of you who will help me help our troops have a holiday filled with love from home.

Now it's time to refill my coffe mug, settle down and surf my fab PINK SATURDAY friends thanks
to BEV at How Sweet The Sound, where many of the over 700 participants on Saturdays post PINK, have donated cookies and their time to support my charity for CANS FOR COOKIES US TROOPS!

If you have time, come to my PINK BUBBLE and do some shopping! I will donate 10% of your sale in your name to the cansforcookiesustroops charity!

 I give you all a BEARY PINK HUG and may your day be filled with PINKS!


  1. Valrie,

    What a beautiful family you have!
    Thank you so much for this award, for blogging for peace and for alerting us to this great cause as well. I do support our troops and honor their sacrifice and service made for our freedom.

    I will keep your family in my thoughts and prayers.

    Dona nobis pacem (Grant us peace),

  2. Lovely post. Happy Pink Saturday....late.

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